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360 CSR

There are too many articles that analyze the corporate social responsibility (CSR), and explain what CSR is, and what the business should do to gain the benefits when implementing it. However, in reality, there are not just few businessmen think that CSR is philanthropy, and there is not only a part of businessmen relating to the corruption of use of CSR in order to profit or charity without a good mind.
It has been existed the businessmen appearing on the mass media through events for charity, preaching about “business ethics” but they owed wages of their employees for a month!

2009 Annual Shareholder's Meeting at Secoin Saigon Investment-Industry Joint stock Company.

On April 28th2009, Annual Shareholder's Meeting was held at the Hall of Secoin Saigon Investment-industry Joint stock Company, in Binh Duong 1, An Binh commune, Di An district, Binh Duong province...

How To Motivate Yourself in 60 Seconds

Economy got you down? Making quota looks unlikely? Don’t despair. If you’re not at the top of your game, you can re-motivate and re-energize by asking yourself the following five questions

Help Your Company Survive the Downturn

Lately, we've been talking quite a bit about how to survive the downturn. We've offered a range of resources, tips and advice for dealing with the economic crisis at hand. Whether it's the wisdom of Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter in "Four Actions to Survive the Recession and Emerge Triumphant" or Hernan Saenz's and Darrell Rigby's strong ideas in Winning in Turbulence, we've tried to offer an array of voices speaking to this critical issue.

How CMOs Should Function in a Recession

Some good news for marketing heads: Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are holding on to their jobs longer. Spencer Stuart's annual survey of CMO tenure at the 100 most advertised brands in the USA reveals average time on the job has risen to 28.4 months from 26.8 months in 2007 and 23.2 months in 2006.

3 Steps Toward Being a Better Leader in 2009

An economic world turned upside down makes it easier to take a fresh look. This can open the door to making changes that will benefit you and the most important people in your life, now and in the long run....The crisis, in other words, can make it easier to experiment with new mental models or attitudes about your career and how it fits with your life's purpose, and it can serve as a catalyst for your own reinvention, as a leader in all parts of your life.

What to Say to Customers (When You Don't Know What to Say)

These days, with millions of jobs lost worldwide, and trillions of dollars of personal and business wealth vanished, it is easy to have the same reaction when communicating with customers. What can we say that can make a difference given all that has happened?
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